Trips and excursions Discover the natural beauties and cultural heritage of the southern part of the Adriatic Coast.
Visit the neighboring countries as of Montenegro or Bosnia and Herzegovina that although being very close, present a completely different history background tradition and lifestyle.
The most required excursion destinations nearby Dubrovnik are:

  • • Dubrovnik Tour / half day •

    This tour will reveal the finest sides of the old walled City as well as give you an opportunity to walk around the walls.
    Our expert guide will lead you through narrow streets of the Old Town introducing you to the history and culture of this magnificent city. Other splendid buildings will be viewed along the way
    . The tour continues with a pleasant drive to panorama view at the hill Srdj above Dubrovnik City. Afterwards, you will be taken to Cavtat, a little town south of Dubrovnik.

    PRICE :
    Group price ( 1-3 pax ): €250
    Group price ( 4-6 pax ): €280
    Group price ( 7-8 pax ): €300

  • • Trsteno and Ston / half day • Open or Close

    Enjoy in oyster and mussel farms, and wine tasting in famous cellar of the PeljeŠac peninsula!
    Private tour starts with a pleasant sea view ride along the Adriatic coast line. The first stop will be made in the charming village of Trsteno famous for the gigantic plane trees over 500 yrs. old which are the part of the oldest botanic garden in Croatia – the Arboretum.
    We continue towards the small town of Ston. In the times of Dubrovnik Republic Ston was the most important town in sea salt production for the centuries. You have chance to see how they still do it on old fashion way. This town is well known for its medieval walls that are the second longest defensive walls in the world. There is an opportunity to take city walls sightseeing tour.
    After visiting Ston, enjoy the walk along the sea side in the town of the Mali Ston with a magnificent view of the oyster and mussel farms and taste the famous sea food.
    On the return trip a stop will be made in one of the well-known wine cellar of the PeljeŠac peninsula to sample some of the excellent local wines.

    PRICE :

    Group price ( 1-2 pax ): €250
    Group price ( 3-4 pax ): €300
    Group price ( 5-6 pax ): €350
    Group price ( 7-8 pax ): €400

  • • Korcula / full day •

    Marco Polo is the property and inheritance of the whole World. KorČula is his hometown.
    The island of KorČula indisputably hold a privileged position among the Croatian islands. Here we find more legends, tales and monuments than anywhere else.
    Experience the narrow streets, beautiful churches and magnificent places in one of the best preserved medieval towns Mediterranean.
    After exploring the old town, Marco Polo house and cathedral, there is a free time for lunch and swimming. On the way back, we will stop in one of the well-known wine cellars of the PeljeŠac peninsula to taste some of the excellent local wines.

    PRICE :

    Group price ( 1-3 pax ): €220
    Group price ( 4-6 pax ): €280
    Group price ( 7-8 pax ): €350

  • • Konavle / half day •

    The Konavle valley is a fascinating region in the hinterland of Dubrovnik. It is known for its traditional way of living, pure olive oil, honey, wines and sweet smelling herbs.
    Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the old mills on the river Ljuta, wine cellar in Konavle and the southernmost fishery village of Croatia – Molunat. On the way back we will stop in Cavtat – ancient Roman town, one of the most beautiful towns on the Adriatic coats. And finally, before ending we will make a stop at the Mountain View point which offers a spectacular view upon the whole area including the Dubrovnik airport and surrounding islands.

    PRICE :

    Group price ( 1-2 pax ): €240
    Group price ( 3-4 pax ): €280
    Group price ( 5-6 pax ): €350
    Group price ( 7-8 pax ): €400

    Optional: lunch – try traditional cuisine Recommended

  • • Montenegro / full day • Open or Close

    Located one hour drive from Dubrovnik, Montenegro attracts with combination of incredible natural beauty, rich history and culture.
    Enjoy the drive along the bay of the Kotor, one of the most spectacular landscapes.
    First stop is at old town called Herceg Novi for a scenic view.
    The tour continues towards Perast to visit the church of Our Lady of the Rocks which houses one of the finest collections of wall paintings in this part of the Europe.
    After Perast we will stop in Kotor. The medieval architecture and numerous monuments of cultural heritage have put Kotor UNESCO list of the World natural and culture cities.
    On the way back to Dubrovnik, we will take ferry across the Bay of Kotor.
    Please don’t forget your passport!

    PRICE :

    Group price ( 1-3 pax ): €220
    Group price ( 4-6 pax ): €260
    Group price ( 7-8 pax ): €290

    Optional: Professional guide in Kotor - 30 €/1h

  • • Mostar – Bosnia and Herzegovina / full day •

    Drive up the Adriatic coast to the small coastal town Neum.
    After short break in Neum we will turn towards inland through the picturesque Neretva River Delta up to PoČitelj. The fortress town PoČitelj is a well preserved example of oriental architecture located on the hill side above the river. Afterwards, the tour continues to Mostar.
    Over the centuries Mostar and the region were the meeting place of the cultures and the religions that left traces clearly visible today. Mostar was named after bridge keepers (Mostari) who guarded the Old Bridge over Neretva River. Experience sights such as the Old Bazar with traditional handicrafts, the Turkish house and one of the many mosques. Enjoy in the authentic food in one of picturesque local restaurants.
    Please don’t forget your passport!

    PRICE :

    Group price ( 1-3 pax ): €220
    Group price ( 4-6 pax ): €260
    Group price ( 7-8 pax ): €290

    Optional: Visit Kravice Waterfalls

  • • Medjugorje – Bosnia and Herzegovina / full day •

    Medjugorje is a unique event in the modern world.
    It is believed that Our Lady appeared in front of a group of children in 1981. Thanks to Our Lady’s apparitions this simple village parish has become a place of gathering for a multitude of pilgrims from the whole world and one of the biggest prayer centers in the world. Numerous witnesses say that in this place they have found faith and peace.
    You will have opportunity to visit the Apparition hill and attend mass in the local church.

    PRICE :

    Group price ( 1-3 pax ): €220
    Group price ( 4-6 pax ): €260
    Group price ( 7-8 pax ): €290

  • • Oyster and Wine•

    Oysters and wine - rare are those who can resist this divine combination, that the area of Mali Ston
    bay and Peljesac peninsula are blessed with. Mali Ston bay is a perfect natural environment for
    theoysters that are considered the top quality. During this trip, a local fisherman will take you to his farm
    where you will be introduced to oyster farming and where raw oysters with homemade white wine will be
    served to you.
    The local wine experience will continue in a nearbyfamily owned winery where the focus will be on their reds.
    Their inspiring wine story will make you reconsider all that you have know about wine.
    Panoramic coastal ride, impressive wall of Ston, wine growing slopes of Peljesac peninsula, ancient salt pans,
    genuine countryside; will all add to this relaxing and taste buds pampering half day trip from Dubrovnik.

    PRICE :

    Group price ( 1-2 pax ): €280
    Group price ( 3-4 pax ): €350
    Group price ( 5-6 pax ): €400
    Group price ( 7-8 pax ): €450

  • • Wine Tasting Day Tour•

    Wines of Dubrovnik area are integral part of its identity. We organize and perform various wine tours during
    which we will take you to several local wineries (all unique and different from each other), where you will
    have a chance to learn about the history of their wines and about the hard work that anticipates the pleasure
    of drinking the good wine. And most importantly, you will taste some of their most representative wines.

    PRICE :

    Group price ( 1-2 ): €280
    Group price ( 3-4 ): €350 
    Group price ( 5-6 ): €400
    Group price ( 7-8 ): €450

  • •Tara rafting / full day•

    Rafting is one of the most popular forms of active vacation and tourism.
    If you like adventures, take a day trip to Tara river. This is a perfect place for those who want to explore the largest canyon in Europe. Rafting can be suited for all ages according to different water levels all year round.
    This is a full day trip which is combination of adventure and relaxation in the amazing Tara river canyon.
    Trip includes private transfer with a modern A/C vehicle from/to Dubrovnik to Tara river, breakfast and lunch (homemade organic food ), rafting (full equipment).

    PRICE :

    Group price ( 1-2 pax ): 340 €
    Group price ( 3-4 pax ): 500 €
    Group price ( 5-6 pax ): 650 €
    Group price (7-8 pax): 800 €